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No Charge to Print and Save the Textbooks. 

You are encouraged to print and save any of our textbooks for your personal Library and future use.  Textbooks are usually about 70 pages in length written in downloadable PDF form.

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The Text Books Shown Below Are Just A Few of The Many FREE Textbooks Used 
For Course Instruction Utilizing Great Commission Bible College (OLIG) "Online Instant Grading" 

To work the Free Courses and Lessons you will need a GCBC Student Number. If you have a GCBC student number, use it.  

Instantly Graded Lessons

You can earn a Free GCBC College Degree using our Online Instant Grading!  (OLIG)

Option Two:  Work the lesson live on your computer from this site (olig.us).  With this option you can receive instant grading of the required lessons with instructor comments on the questions you have submitted or the correct answers to the questions you may have missed.

Our goal is simple: To provide free instruction and instant grading for anyone who has set a goal to complete a course of study for a  diploma or degree in a few weeks instead of a few months or years!

Since 2007 GCBC has been helping more than 6,100 students in over 105 countries fulfill their potential God has given them.

In addition to instant grading, we also give biblical instruction with on line courses, instructor mentoring and trained instructors utilizing more than 60 classrooms scattered around the world.  

Regardless of the method of instruction, the final grades for the courses all appear on the student transcript.  No hidden Tuitions, No Transcript fees.

All courses are owned and offered free by the Great Commission Bible College which is a member of the Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries.  Diplomas and Degrees are granted under the Missouri Department of Education Religious Exemption Rule.

Become a GCBC student and start working on your free degree today!

If you can read and type well or just  "hunt and peck on the computer" or if you  have a desire to learn God's Word and get a degree, even if you don't have any previous school  degrees, you can earn a free degree with us!  You will need to have a student ID with our college in order to earn your free degree. To get your free student ID, fill out our student application by clicking the following link:


​After becoming a student, there are two options to work your free diploma or degree

​Option One: STUDY AND WORK LESSONS ONLINE or ATTEND  LOCAL CLASSROOMS FOR LIVE LECTURES: This option may be used for those who have slow or no internet connections and wish to take more time in working for their degree.   This Option will allow students to down load their lessons to their computer, work the lessons and send them to an instructor for grading. Classroom will sessions vary within different countries and there is usually a small tuition fee to help pay for local classroom expenses in that country.  Option One online lessons may be found by clicking on the following link: download lessons.

 The DBS diploma requires the following 11 courses. Use your GCBC student ID number.  Be accurate with your student ID number, 

We are a USA 501 c 3 Non Profit Religious Corporation, operating under the Missouri Non Profit Religious Corporation Law. 

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