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"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered  by the Great Commission Bible College. I don't have to drive across town after work to go to school. I just go home and jump online. This made going back to school easier than I expected.. I'm glad a friend recommended this."
Bradley Grosh

"Five years of Bible School and College, Masters degree and advanced courses In Bible pedagogy, I thought I knew it all. I discovered after reading Dr. Harold Bollinger's books that I had barely scratched the surface. His books have been a real eye opener. I highly recommend "Obedience Expressed through a Sanctified Life" and "Prophecy - a Future Look". These valuable books could easily sell for more than $20 and are available FREE to you from GCBC and Dr. Harold Bollinger 
Ida Ehrlich, Academic Dean, GCBC

There are 10 different Master Degrees offered.  Each Master degree is designated by the Master 2,500 word  Thesis.
There are 27 different Ph.D degrees offered.  Each Ph.D is designated by the Ph.D  20,000 word Dissertation.
See handbook for more information about different Graduate Degrees.

About Tuitions, Textbook Fees, Course and Degree Fees

There are no  tuition fees for any courses, textbooks or degrees.  All courses and degrees do have fixed overhead costs attached to them.  These costs are paid by dedicated Christians who feely support and donate some money on a regular basis to help pay the costs of this operation.  All instructors and staff donate their time without pay.

  • DBS Diploma, "Diploma in Biblical Studies"  11 courses Electronically graded (Available in OLIG)
  • DD Diploma  NEW  "Discipleship Diploma"  10 courses Electronically graded. (Available in OLIG)
  • ADM Degree "Associate Degree in Ministry" 20 courses  (Available in OLIG) 
  • BTH Degree "Bachelor in Theology Degree"  40 courses (Available in OLIG) 
  • M.min Master Degree, 10 Electronically graded courses + 1 Thesis    (Available in OLIG)
  • Ph.D  "Doctoral Degree"  20 Electronically graded courses. +1 Dissertation  (Available in OLIG)
  • Dr.min "Doctor of Ministry"  Graded by Instructors Via Email.  20 Courses plus 1 Dissertation.
Popular GCBC Degrees and Diplomas

We are a USA 501 c 3 Non Profit Religious Corporation, operating under the Missouri Non Profit Religious Corporation Law.  We issue degrees under the Missouri Department of Education Religious Exemption Rules.  Donations receive receipts with our 501- c-3 religious exemption number.  We are accredited by the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries.

Our Mission is the Great Commission.

It is our mission to offer our disciple courses in every city and country in the world. Over the past seven years, our staff has helped more than 5600 students develop a personal relationship with the Lord. These students have earned diplomas and degrees with excellent grades, and grown in self-esteem and confidence.   We love celebrating those victories with our students.  Much of our daily growth comes through testimonials and referrals of our students.   

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